An enquiry concerning a possible commission can be made using the Email template on the “contact” page, or if you prefer by telephone or letter. This will be acknowledged by an Email or telephone call, and will be followed up with a preliminary discussion to establish the basic parameters of the commission. An early visit to the proposed location will be arranged to view the setting, surroundings,and lighting conditions, and to discuss in more detail the brief and particular preferences of the client. Budget and timescale will also be discussed, and photographs and measurements taken.

Research will be undertaken if necessary and a proposed design prepared, usually at a scale of 1:10. This may be presented in the form of a model or photomontage to illustrate the design in its setting. Once approved a full size cartoon will be prepared, materials ordered, and construction commenced. This will involve a number of traditional craft processes. Finally the assembled glass will be weatherproofed using a cement mixture and allowed to rest before installation.